3. The Tumbler (video)

I show you a little toy, may be you recognize it, it is a tumbler.
When I give it a push, it goes the right, it goes to the left and after a
while it stops again in the middle.
I also have a clown and he has lead in his pelvis and his buttocks.
When I give him a push, he goes far to the right and far to the left but
he keeps smiling because he also ends in the middle.
This middle center piece is also situated in our pelvis and buttocks.
The Japanese call this center “ Hara “ which means a bearing center.
This area is also the center of gravity and balance.
When our movements and gestures like talking, walking, singing,
dancing originate from the middle they are elegant and graceful.
The center itself remains unmoved but ensure consistency in all
When life is pushing you and you go far to the right or far to the left
you just have to remember the tumbler or the clown.
Try to stay stay in your pelvis and buttocks.
It will give you power and resilience.
Let’s do an exercise to experience this in your own body.
Just sit in your chair and put both feet on the floor.
Take a moment to be aware of your body.
Then your open your right hand and you are going to sit in your hand.
Just wait a while.
Put your attention to your pelvis and buttocks , may be you can feel
that you start to breathe deeper and your right should will sink a
After about a minute you take your hand away and you take again a
moment to be aware.
Is there any difference between your right and left buttock ?
Which one feels better ?
Then you take your left hand and do the same at your left side.
After a while your right hand come again under your right buttock .

You sit now on both hands and stay here as long as you feel
After a while again, you take your hands away and ask yourself if you
feel a difference and what that difference is ?
Now comes the last part of the exercise, the most important part.
Once you feel the firmness and stability in your pelvis , you can rise
your body from within and still feel your balance and gravity.
Stay in touch with this feeling when you are in touch with someone
When you practice this regularly you will be able to make connection
with others without losing the sense of yourself.
You stay with your own stable basement.
The abilty to touch and feel will increase when you stay in touch with
this stable basement.
This is a condition to reintroduce and experience again the Lost
Sense, the Touch.

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